The Significance of September 14

If you have not visited Steve King’s Today in Literature, by all means you should. Just click on this link.

Today happens to be:

1) the day John Gardner, poet, novelist and teacher died at the age of 49. He was the teacher of Raymond Carver, who is featured in A Journey Through Literary America. (As a side dish, King serves up a droll story about Jay McInerney taking Carver’s short story writing class.) 

2) The day Sinclair Lewis’s Babbitt was published in 1922. Sinclair Lewis is also featured in A Journey.

3) The day James Fenimore Cooper passed away in 1851. Cooper is part of the first entry in the book, entitled “Beginnings.”

4) The day on which I received the first advance copy of the book. It looks fabulous. Pardon me for looking a bit awestruck.

Maybe I evince a bit of awe that the book is finally in my hands

The torch has been passed to the next generation.
The torch has been passed to the next generation.
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