William Faulkner


  • Photo of William Faulkner’s Rowan Oak
    When William Faulkner bought Rowan Oak in 1930, the cedars that lined its approach had already been in place for 90 years. The house was in terrible disrepair but, with its purchase, the author once again sent a root down deeply into the beckoning past. Back in the 1840’s, a Colonel Sheegog had settled in Oxford, cleared a patch of alluvial land, and left behind this Greek Revival treasure. — Oxford, Mississippi
  • Photo of William Faulkner’s study at Rowan Oak
    William Faulkner’s study at Rowan Oak. — Oxford, Mississippi
  • Photo of William Faulkner’s study at Rowan Oak
    An outline of his novel A Fable is handwritten on the walls. — Oxford, Mississippi
  • Photo of William Faulkner’s study at Rowan Oak
    Tucked behind the door one finds TOMORROW. — Oxford, Mississippi
  • Photo of William Faulkner's stables at Rowan Oak
    No gentleman farmer: William Faulkner worked the land, built the stable for his horses, established and operated the smokehouse, did most of the house renovation and designed the rose garden. He was certainly justified in once using Rowan Oak’s operations to turn down a trip to New York to receive an award. “Up until he sells crops,” he explained, “no Mississippi farmer has the time or money either to travel anywhere on.” — Oxford, Mississippi
  • Photo of Statue of Colonel W.C. Faulkner
    Statue of Colonel W.C. Faulkner, the “Old Colonel” (William Faulkner’s great-grandfather) — Ripley, Mississippi

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William Faulkner


Rowan Oak
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