Robinson Jeffers

Carmel & Big Sur, CALIFORNIA

  • Photo of Pacific Coastline —Big Sur, California
    Pacific Coastline — Big Sur, California
  • Photo of pacific surge on granite rocks — Big Sur, California
    Pacific surge heavy with summer rolling southeast from a far origin
    Battered to foam among the stumps of granite below.
    Robinson Jeffers
    “Tamar”, 1917
  • Photo of blood-red lichen along the Carmel coast — Carmel, California
    Blood-red lichen along the Carmel coast — Carmel, California
  • Photo of Tor House —Carmel, California
    Toil before sleep: It was an era of back-breaking work. Steinbeck used dynamite and toiled on the Madison Square Garden construction. Faulkner labored on Rowan Oak. Frost farmed by day and wrote at night. Robinson Jeffers hauled stones and built Tor House and the tower, then planted dozens of trees. — Carmel, California
  • Photo of Sand and Cypress Trees — Carmel, California
    My ghost you needn’t look for; it is probably
    Here, but a dark one, deep in the granite, not dancing
    on wind
    Robinson Jeffers
    “Tor House,” 1926-28

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Robinson Jeffers


Tor House
26304 Ocean View Ave
Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93923
Phone: (831) 624-1813

Big Sur
Carmel Valley
Point Lobos

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