Philip Roth

Newark & Mendham, NEW JERSEY

  • Photo of Hoisted Tracks — Newark, New Jersey
    “The manmade horizon, the brutal cut in the body of the giant city—it felt as though they were entering the shadow world of hell, when all the boy was seeing was the railroad ’s answer to the populist crusade to hoist the tracks above the grade crossings so as to end the crashes and the pedestrian carnage.”
    Philip Roth
    American Pastoral, 1997
  • Photo of Newark Public Library
    Newark Public Library: Roth once said he doubted his father had been there more than once. It was the sons and daughters of people like his parents who used it as a ladder up. — Newark, New Jersey
  • Photo of Weequahic High School athletic field — Newark, New Jersey
    Weequahic High School athletic field. In American Pastoral, this was the scene of the Swede’s gridiron exploits, which, along with his baseball and basketball prowess, filled an entire community with pride. — Newark, New Jersey
  • Photo of Weequahic High School
    Weequahic High School. Its most famous graduates are Roth and the character of Portnoy. In 1969 a New York Times reporter interviewed Roth’s English teachers. The consensus: “A quiet boy, intelligent but unimpressive, displaying no indication of a major author absorbing material for future fiction.” — Newark, New Jersey
  • Photo of Central Avenue and 2nd Street — Newark, New Jersey
    The factory on Central Avenue and 2nd Street upon which Roth based the Newark Maid glove factory. — Newark, New Jersey
  • Photo of General Store and Post Office in Mendham, New Jersey
    The combination General Store and Post Office in Mendham, New Jersey, thought to be the inspiration for Old Rimrock. — Mendham, New Jersey
  • Photo of the Ironbound District — Newark, New Jersey
    From the Ironbound District, one can see that insurance companies still hold sway in Newark. The Prudential Building is one of the tallest in the city. — Newark, New Jersey

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Appendix :: Literary Destinations

Philip Roth

(1933-     )

Philip Roth’s childhood home
81 Summit AvenueNewark, NY

The Philip Roth Society

Ironbound District
Roth’s childhood home
Weequahic High School
Weequahic Park
Newark Public Library
Beth Israel Hospital
Essex County Courthouse
Riviera Hotel
Robert Treat Hotel
Shuttered factory on Central Avenue and 2nd Street

General Store and Post Office

HOISTED TRACKS — Newark, New Jersey

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