James Fenimore Cooper

The Catskills, NEW YORK

  • Photo of Hudson River at dawn from the jagged cliffs of the Escarpment
    The glittering line of the Hudson River at dawn, as seen from the jagged cliffs of the Escarpment. From this point Leatherstocking (Natty) fancied he could see “all creation.” — Catskill Mountains, New York

    “But the place I mean is next to the river, where one of the ridges juts out a little from the rest, and where the rocks fall, for the best part of a thousand feet, so much up and down, that a man standing on their edges is fool enough to think he can jump from top to bottom.”
    “What do you see when you get there?” asked Edwards.
    “Creation,” said Natty, dropping the end of his rod into the water, and sweeping one hand around him in a circle: “all creation, lad.”
    James Fenimore Cooper
    The Pioneers, 1823
  • Photo of Catskill Mountains
    “...and none know how often the hand of God is seen in the wilderness.”
    James Fenimore Cooper
    The Pioneers, 1823
  • Photo of Kaaterskill Falls — Catskill Mountains, New York
    “There the water comes crooking and winding...till it gets to where the mountain divides, like the cleft hoof of deer, leaving a deep hollow for the brook to tumble into.”
    James Fenimore Cooper
    The Pioneers, 1823
  • Photo of Kaaterskill Falls — Catskill Mountains, New York
    “The rock sweeps like mason-work, in a half-round, on both sides of the fall, and shelves over the bottom for fifty feet; so that when I’ve been sitting at the foot of the first pitch, and my hounds have run into the caverns behind the sheet of water, they’ve looked no bigger than so many rabbits. To my judgment, lad it’s the best piece of work that I’ve ever met with in the woods.”
    James Fenimore Cooper
    The Pioneers, 1823

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James Fenimore Cooper


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